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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

I travel constantly for work, which hasn't been great for my waistline. After eating in all of the best restaurants in the world for a few years, I realized that I had gained around 30 pounds. Fortunately, I was able to work with a health coach who taught me some valuable skills for my way of life. She taught me how to recognize unhealthy foods and swap them out for better options--even in foreign hotels. The results were incredible. I was able to lose weight while enjoying my travel adventures. My blog is for anyone out there who wants to enjoy healthier food on the go.


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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

    Eat Like A Real Italian: Have That Pasta Al Dente

    If you like to frequent Italian restaurants but have avoided them because you're worried about how all that pasta will affect your health, it's time to start dining out again. Pasta has a reputation of being caloric and fattening, but that's because of preparation and presentation factors. Pasta can be a regular part of your diet if you have it prepared correctly, like the Italians do. Soft vs. Al Dente

    Pizza: More Than Just Cheese And Sausage

    According to a recent study, 37 percent of ordered pizzas are just plain old cheese. Pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and sausage are the next most popular toppings. But there is more to life than just sticking to the same old routine, right? Next time you're in the mood for pizza, create one of these sumptuous pies, or just head to your nearest gourmet pizzeria for something different. Bacon, Ricotta, and Brussels Sprouts

    3 Wonderful Benefits To Having Your Wedding Dinner Catered

    If you are in the process of planning your wedding with your fiancé, then you know how much time and effort this takes. You want everything to be perfect not only for you and your fiancé, but also for your guests. One important part of your wedding is the food. Most couples do some type of wedding dinner before or after their wedding where they serve great food and invite many of their wedding guests.

    Choosing The Right Restaurant To Meet Your Needs

    There are many reasons people eat out. Thinking about why you want to go to a restaurant will help you narrow down your options and make the best choice. Here are four of the needs eating at a restaurant can meet and some questions to consider.  1. Social. Going to a restaurant can be a great way to socialize. If you are eating out for this purpose ask yourself: How loud is the restaurant?

    Two Chicken Burger Recipes Your Customers Will Love

    When you own a bar and grill-style restaurant, one of the keys to keeping your customers happy is adding new items to the menu from time to time. Chicken burgers are an excellent addition to the menu because they appeal to those who are looking for a slightly healthier option, while still being tasty enough to satisfy bar food cravings. Here are two house-made chicken burger recipes to consider adding to your bar and grill menu.

    6 Tips For Eating Healthier At A Mexican Restaurant

    Mexican food is a favorite among many Americans, but it is not exactly the healthiest cuisine. Before you know it, you can consume thousands of calories in just one sitting. However, that doesn't mean you can't eat at Mexican restaurant without completely sabotaging your diet. Here are six tips for eating healthier at a Mexican restaurant: Choose Soft Tortillas If you are in the mood for tacos, ask for them to be made with soft tortillas.

    Environmentally Friendly Commercial Refrigerator Features

    If you own a restaurant, the overhead costs can be overwhelming at times. Using more eco-friendly appliances in your industrial kitchen can save you money as well as help to preserve the environment. If you're considering upgrading to a more environmentally friendly refrigerator, here are some characteristics to look for. Hydrocarbon Gases Hydrocarbon powered commercial refrigerators use this special gas to keep foods cold. This gas is a naturally occurring gas that has been found to have no effect on the ozone layer.

    Celebrating The Carnival Of Venice: 3 Interesting Italian Desserts To Try

    If you simply adore Italian culture, then you definitely want to visit Italy in February in order to take part in the Carnival of Venice. Just about every city on the Peninsula will be busy celebrating and partying it up during Carnival, which is basically the last day before the period that Christians are expected to abstain from meat. If you're not going to have the funds necessary to visit Italy, you may still find many interesting Italian dishes designed specifically to celebrate Carnival at your local Italian restaurant.