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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

3 Reasons to Choose Italian Cuisine for a Wedding Reception

by Margie Harris

Getting married is one of the biggest events in any person's life, which is why a wedding is usually celebrated with both a ceremony and a reception. Weddings are also big business, with the average US wedding costing around $26,444. Venues, catering, and rentals take up the largest part of this budget. Food is an especially important part of any wedding reception. The goal for most couples is to choose cuisine that they enjoy and that their friends and family also enjoys. One cuisine that is all about enjoyment is Italian. Here are three reasons to consider Italian cuisine for a wedding reception.

It's Popular

Italian cuisine regularly ranks as one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in America. Chances are that most wedding guests have had Italian cuisine at least once before. Since so many people enjoy this type of cuisine, it makes sense to cater a wedding reception with Italian food. Many Italian recipes are also created with family in mind. Italian food is all about flavor, sharing, and thorough enjoyment of a meal. 

There Are Plenty Of Italian Restaurants

Another reason to choose Italian for a wedding reception is that there are plenty of Italian restaurants that can cater a reception. In the US alone there are 28,525 Italian restaurants. Many of these restaurants can and will cater a reception with delicious Italian food. There is also the option to rent out Italian restaurants as the venue for the reception itself. This is a great idea if there is enough room for all of the guests in the restaurant and if there is room for a dance floor. Restaurants already have tables, chairs, china, cutlery, and decor in place. This can save a couple a lot of money, since rentals will not be needed.

Italian Cuisine Is Diverse

Another reason to consider catering a wedding reception with Italian food is the fact that Italian cuisine is very diverse. Each region offers its own special dishes. Not all Italian food consists of pasta and red sauce! Couples should consider scoping out various Italian restaurants in their area in order to figure out which offers the Italian food they are most interested in. It's likely that many of these restaurants focus on Italian cuisine from certain regions in Italy. There is even the option to have food from multiple Italian restaurants at the reception.

Italian cuisine is a great choice for any wedding reception. It's popular, delicious, and diverse. Plus, the fact that there are so many Italian restaurants in the US makes it easy to cater a reception with this type of food. For more about Italian food, check out Italian restaurants in your area, such as Tony & Joe's Pizzeria.