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I travel constantly for work, which hasn't been great for my waistline. After eating in all of the best restaurants in the world for a few years, I realized that I had gained around 30 pounds. Fortunately, I was able to work with a health coach who taught me some valuable skills for my way of life. She taught me how to recognize unhealthy foods and swap them out for better options--even in foreign hotels. The results were incredible. I was able to lose weight while enjoying my travel adventures. My blog is for anyone out there who wants to enjoy healthier food on the go.


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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

Opening Up A Bakery Of Your Own? Draw In Regular Customers With A Great Workspace

by Margie Harris

When opening up a restaurant or bakery, it's likely that you expect to get a lot of attention from new customers—but it is important to keep in mind how essential repeat customers are. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to make it easier to entice customers to come back again and again. Besides having affordable prices and an inviting interior, a great way to bring in customers that are sure to return is design your bakery with working in mind.

From customers bringing in their laptops to relaxing with a good book, the following ideas can all help make this goal a reality.

Provide Comfortable Seating with Nearby Chargers

If you want customers to work and stay a while, you will need to provide them with a comfortable place to sit down and work without interruption. Along with investing in comfortable seats, you'll need to make sure that each workspace has easy access to a charger.

Don't Skimp on the Internet Coverage

When choosing the internet plan for your bakery, make sure that it will properly accommodate the number of customers that you expect. While you may not expect customers to use the internet for uploading or other intensive work, it's best to be safe than sorry when it comes to slow internet and keeping customers happy.

Make Refills Affordable for Customers

If you want your customers to remain for a long time during each visit, you'll need to make sure drink refills are kept at a reasonable cost. Coffee, tea, or other drinks that keep coming can ensure that customers aren't going to be leaving due to thirst.

Offer Discounts for Repeat Customers with a Reward Card

To sell your baked goods at a consistent pace to repeat customers, you'll benefit by providing them with a reward card that allows them to get their goods for cheaper by buying more often.

Play Soft Music at a Comfortable Volume

In order for your customers to work in peace, you'll want to play soothing music that is inviting, but also helps their productivity. Some good ideas include classical and ambient music, but it's best to pick what you and your employees enjoy since you will be likely listening to it day in and day out.

As you look into what kinds of steps you can take towards creating a bakery that draws customers in, make sure you don't forget the importance of making a good workspace so that customers can stay for hours at a time.