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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

I travel constantly for work, which hasn't been great for my waistline. After eating in all of the best restaurants in the world for a few years, I realized that I had gained around 30 pounds. Fortunately, I was able to work with a health coach who taught me some valuable skills for my way of life. She taught me how to recognize unhealthy foods and swap them out for better options--even in foreign hotels. The results were incredible. I was able to lose weight while enjoying my travel adventures. My blog is for anyone out there who wants to enjoy healthier food on the go.


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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go


Renting A Banquet Room For Your Event

When you are needing to host an event, renting a banquet room can be an effective option for providing a facility. As you are evaluating the local event banquet room options, there are some basic factors that you will want to give special consideration to during this process so that you can be sure whether an option will fully meet your requirements. The Size Of The Group That Will Be In The Banquet Room

Six Reasons Why Breakfast Tacos Are Great First Thing In The Morning

Reach for a tasty breakfast taco in the morning if you're looking for great breakfast food. The following are six reasons why breakfast tacos are great first thing in the morning.   Breakfast tacos can include a serving from all the food groups It's easy to make a complete meal out of a breakfast taco. Breakfast tacos can easily contain ingredients from the meat, dairy, fruit/vegetable, and grains food groups. With an early morning taco, you can get off to a good start at consuming a well-balanced diet for the day.

Solving Common Problems In Your Pizza Delivery Restaurant

Delivering pizza is a great way to increase your restaurant's reach and revenue. There is almost always a demand for pizza, you can make it in many varieties, and the profit margins are relatively high — especially with delivery. But sometimes, pizza delivery restaurants run into some challenges with their approach or protocol. These challenges are not hard to address, but you do need to know how to address them. Take a look.

Three Restaurants That Should Use A Floor Mixer

A stainless steel floor mixer is a popular piece of restaurant equipment that is present in the kitchens of many different establishments. While some eateries use handheld or counter mixers, a floor mixer is valuable because of its large capacity. This device is available in many different sizes, allowing you to make a significant volume of dough in a single batch. If you're buying equipment for an eatery that will soon be open to the public, you'll want to consider your menu and decide whether a floor mixer might be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

Classic Dishes Served At Italian Restaurants

Italian cuisine is delicious and diverse, offering something for virtually every taste. You'll undoubtedly find a few menu items to try whenever you head to an Italian restaurant. Here are some of the most classic dishes that these eateries serve. Ravioli Pasta tastes good in many different ways, but ravioli is one of the most popular. Ravioli is filled with cheese or other ingredients, and the combination of pasta and filling allows Italian restaurants to showcase their flavors.