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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

3 Ways To Leverage Your Take-Out Menu For Your Pizza Business

by Margie Harris

If your pizza restaurant offers take-out, your take-out menu is not just a menu: it is an important form of advertising that can help you to generate business when formatted and used properly.

Keep Your Take-Out Menu Up-to-Date

Make sure that your take-out menu reflects your current menu and pricing. Keep track of how current your take-out menu is by printing the date the menu was created in fine print on the bottom corner of your menu, or keep track of the version number, such as 1.12, to keep track of each update you make to your take-out menu.

If you change your pizza offerings on a seasonal basis, make sure that all seasonal pizzas are labeled as such on your take-out menu. Even better, include the date through which you will be serving those seasonal items. That way, customers will be able to tell on their own when their menu is out of date and they need a new one to reflect the current season's offerings.

Customers can get really thrown off when they call in and you don't have something on your menu that is on the take-out menu that they have in their possession. Even worse, customers may cancel an order if the pricing is more than they budgeted for. That is why it is important to put out up-to-date menus.

Add Special Offers & Coupons to Your Take-Out Menu

The menu for your take-out pizza restaurant is an important form of advertising. Draw in potential customers and turn one-time customers into repeat customers by including special offers and coupons in your take-out menu.

Especially when it comes to pizza delivery, customers are always looking for a deal. Deals such as 4 toppings for the price of one, a large pizza for the price of a medium, and a free side dish or soda with the order of a specific number of pizzas are just a few examples of promotions and coupons that you can offer on your take-out menu. Any time you can offer something for free is great; people love to get things for free, even if they have to make a purchase to get the free item.

Make Menus Easy to Access

Your take-out menus should be easy to access. You should have a basket set up by the front door of your restaurant that is full of take-out menus so customers don't even need to come into your restaurant to grab a take-out menu.

You should also have take-out menus next to each register. You should make it a policy to put at least one take-out menu inside of every pick-up or delivery order that your restaurant sends out.

See if there are any local business that will allow you to display your take-out menu at their place of business. Reciprocate by having a brochure rack inside of your pizza place that provides information about local businesses.

Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to grab a take-out menu. The easier it is for people to learn and know about your business, the more take-out and delivery orders your pizza place will process. Make sure that your menu is up-to-date, and if you change your menu on a seasonal basis, include an expiration date on your menu so customers know how long seasonal specials last. Be sure to include coupons that include free deals to entice customers to choose your pizza place over the competition.