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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

How To Enjoy Wine When Having Surf & Turf

by Margie Harris

If you are going out for a surf and turf meal, also known as a seafood and steak meal, you want to make sure that you pair the right wine with such a tasty set-up. You want the wine to complement the meal and work with the flavors on your plate. When you enjoy a surf and turf meal; you don't need to pick one type of wine, you can enjoy multiple types of cheese with your meal.

Mix It Up

The first thing you need to understand that when you have a surf and turf meal, you are not limited to one kind of wine for the entire meal. You can mix up the type of wines that you enjoy with your meal.

If you would like to enjoy both a red and white wine with your meal, you are going to want to start with the white wine, and then progress to a stronger red wine. Pair the white wine with the seafood at the start of your meal, and then process to a red wine with the steak portion of your meal.

When enjoying both a red and white wine with your meal, start with a white wine that has a really full-bodied taste, such as a Chardonnay. Then, more onto a red wine that has more of a complex and deep taste, such as Bordeaux.

Go with White

If you like white wine, you can easily enjoy a white wine with both your seafood and your steak. When pairing a white wine with both seafood and steak, you want to go with a white wine that has a more acidic base.

For example, champagne is a good pairing with both red meat and seafood. It has a more layered and acidic taste to it that works well with both seafood and steak.

Enjoy Some Red Wine

You can also enjoy a red wine. If you choose to go with a red wine, you want to make sure that you go with a lighter red wine. Lighter red wines, such as pinot noir, do not have as many tannins in them. Tannins do not mix well with seafood and can make your seafood taste a little off.

Be sure to ask your server which wine has a low tannin level. A low tannin level will bring out the flavor of your seafood while also pairing well with your steak. You want to choose a red wine that has a light body combined with complex fruit tones for the perfect wine for both your surf and turf.

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