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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

Celebrating The Carnival Of Venice: 3 Interesting Italian Desserts To Try

by Margie Harris

If you simply adore Italian culture, then you definitely want to visit Italy in February in order to take part in the Carnival of Venice. Just about every city on the Peninsula will be busy celebrating and partying it up during Carnival, which is basically the last day before the period that Christians are expected to abstain from meat. If you're not going to have the funds necessary to visit Italy, you may still find many interesting Italian dishes designed specifically to celebrate Carnival at your local Italian restaurant. Here are 3 particular desserts you should keep an eye out for.

The Crispiness of the Frappe

Frappe is one of the most popular desserts made for the Carnival, and is a dessert of many names. Depending on the regional area that the dessert is being made, it is also referred to as chiacchiere, bugie, cenci or guanti. This dessert is perfect after a heavy meal, and is basically a puffy, deep fried biscuit that is extremely light. It has a crumbly texture to it, and is generally made from three simple ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. This dessert is usually served with icing sugar dusted overtop. 

The Unique Nature of Sanguinaccio

Although it may look like chocolate pudding, sanguinaccio is not a dessert recommended for those are not considered to be adventurous eaters. Sanguinaccio is one of the oldest desserts made in celebration of Carnival. It has the consistency of pudding, and is made from pig's blood, chocolate, nuts, dried fruits and spices. Although the ingredients are quite unusual, this pudding is actually quite sweet. It is usually served with bread or biscuits. On top of being amazingly delicious, this dessert is rather nutritious as well.

The Most Typical of Them All - Castagnole di Carnevale

If you're not looking to try anything that may be made from odd ingredients, then keep an eye out for the most typical and traditional dessert served at Carnival — Castagnole di Carnevale. Although they may look like doughnuts, Castagnole di Carnevale is a considered to be a cookie. These cookies are typically deep fried and rolled in sugar before they are served. They come in many different variations. Some Italians like to fill these little balls with chocolate or custard cream whereas others will serve them as-is, but will provide either a plain dark chocolate sauce or zabaglione on the side as a dip.


Carnival is a time for celebration, and there are plenty of unique desserts and dishes that are made during this time. Call ahead to your local Italian restaurant to see whether they may be making any special dishes to celebrate Carnival, and keep your eyes out for these amazing desserts, as they aren't usually made any other time. You'll definitely enjoy them! If you are interested in trying desserts, but you don't want to make them yourself, visit an Italian restaurant, such as Borrelli's