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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

3 Tips To Help You Spot Authentic Mexican Food

by Margie Harris

When selecting a restaurant, many people opt for an establishment that serves Mexican food. Statistics show that Mexican is by far the most popular type of international cuisine served in the United States, with one in every ten restaurants offering Mexican dishes on the menu.

There are many different Mexican restaurants to choose from when dining out, but finding a restaurant that services traditional Mexican food can be more challenging. Here are three things that you can look for when trying to locate an authentic Mexican restaurant in the future.

1. Examine the type of cheese being used by the restaurant.

One of the easiest ways to spot an authentic Mexican dish is to examine the type of cheese that is used to garnish the dish. Americanized versions of Mexican dishes are garnished with a mix of cheddar and other cheese that are not native to Mexican cuisine.

If you are looking to eat at an authentic Mexican restaurant, ask if the dishes served are garnished with traditional cheeses. White cheese like queso fresco and cotija are commonly used in Mexican cooking, and lend a traditional flavor to Mexican dishes.

2. Examine the type of tortillas being served.

No Mexican table is complete without the presence of tortillas. While Americans are used to seeing white flour tortillas accompanying their burrito or taco orders, traditional Mexican restaurants will often serve corn tortillas instead. Authentic tortillas can be made from white, yellow, blue, or red corn, and they make a tasty addition to any dish.

As you are evaluating the quality of Mexican restaurants in your area, be sure to ask if corn tortillas are used to craft the dishes served up each day. If a restaurant uses corn tortillas, they will likely serve fare that is more authentic than their competitors.

3. Look for freshly made salsa.

Salsa has become synonymous with appetizers at Mexican restaurants, often being served with tortilla chips. If you are looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant, it's important to recognize that salsa has a broader meaning. Salsa, which is essentially the word for sauce in Spanish, can adorn many different dishes.

Be sure that you ask each restaurant you are considering if they make their salsa fresh. A good salsa should always include some peppers to add spice, vegetables to add bulk, and an acidic ingredient (like lime juice) to prevent discoloration. Any authentic Mexican restaurant will be able to assure you that their salsas are made fresh each day.

Finding a traditional Mexican restaurant can be a challenge, but when you know what to look for you will be able to identify authentic Mexican dishes in the future. For more information, contact a restaurant such as La Cabana Mexican Restaurant.