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I travel constantly for work, which hasn't been great for my waistline. After eating in all of the best restaurants in the world for a few years, I realized that I had gained around 30 pounds. Fortunately, I was able to work with a health coach who taught me some valuable skills for my way of life. She taught me how to recognize unhealthy foods and swap them out for better options--even in foreign hotels. The results were incredible. I was able to lose weight while enjoying my travel adventures. My blog is for anyone out there who wants to enjoy healthier food on the go.


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Enjoying Healthier Food On The Go

Popularity Of Your Old Bar Waning? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Market Your Local Bar And See More Business

by Margie Harris

When you first opened your local bar, it took no effort for the floor to be filled every day, but now that the initial newness has long passed, the customer flow is starting to wane. Unfortunately, this is a common issue for bar owners. Locals are always interested in checking out the newest place to kick back, but as time goes on, a lot of that interest will subside and you could be left struggling to even keep your doors open. As the owner of a bar that has been around for a while, there are three easy ways you can use marketing to boost your overall customer flow. 

Find a way to tie your establishment into local tourism efforts. 

No matter whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are always going to be those little reasons why people visit either the town where you are located or something nearby. One key marketing secret for local bars is to get to know the schedule of area events and plan your own endeavors accordingly. For example, if there is a festival nearby that usually attracts a lot of out-of-towners, create an event at your bar at the same time and advertise on local community pages. People traveling through may be on the lookout for the best place to grab a drink after the festivities are over, and if your bar is easy to find in advertising relative to the local event, you will be more likely to see some people stop by for a visit.

Encourage patrons to become long-term customers. 

Your bar should be welcoming to everyone, but no matter how hospitable your bar and bar employees are, there are usually only a handful of regulars that truly stick around. Make it more desirable for patrons to become repeat customers with special promotions. For example, you could hand out cards that get stamped with every drink purchase and after so many, the patron gets a drink on the house. 

Learn to market to a wider genre of bar patrons. 

If you initially started with the intentions of being a bar that mainly catered to a younger crowd and that idea is no longer working, it could be time to consider branching out to a wider customer base. If your advertising has primarily been geared toward the younger crowd on social media and otherwise, switch up your marketing tactics a bit to see if you garner more local interest.  For example, switch up the language in promotional materials with keyword changes from things like "join the party" to something more reserved like "kick back and unwind." For more information, contact local professionals like Big E Steakhouse & Saloon.